Do you want to turn digital content into digital assets?

Share content/electronic files across the organization turning this content into information that all knowledge workers can access and work on in a joint environment. Turn digital images into an easily accessible resource for pertinent staff to have access to. Reduce stress level in the knowledge on knowing that your documents are in a secure document repository.

Do you want to increase your cash flow?

Being more responsive to debtors requirements regarding copy invoice’s and P.O.D’s (Proof of delivery) means the money is in your account sooner. Thus increasing cash flow and reducing bank charges and interest. ROI is realized sooner due to staff productivity levels increasing.
Digibility Services

At Digibility we have Document Specialists that will be able to assist any organization get the most of our solution and improve existing document retention policies and process flows.

Through ongoing experience with new and existing clients the Document Specialists will be able to review any organizations document process combined with work practices to
streamline current process and enhance such process to work more efficiently and effectively. Document Specialists will advise on best practices which have been formulated to better manage digital content and turn such digital images to digital assets.

Digibility document specialists offer:
Indentify document management roles Ensure that your roadmap includes feedback from all stakeholders to make sure that certain departments needs are not overlooked. Indentify a custodian within the organization that will be tasked to manage the project with assistance from our Document Specialists.

Study Document Usage Once knowledge workers have been identified that work on documents, determining what types of documents are being worked on and how they are being used and how they will be used.

Map the organization of documents Most organizations have a current filing system. Digibility allows the mapping of the existing structure or the implementation of a new updated and more current method of storing content and documents. Through Brainstorming sessions with Key stakeholders such best practices and fresh approaches may be identified and utilized.

Plan document & content types organize information about different types of documents with the organization and gather metadata, document templates, document policies, work practice and workflow processes. A critical step and involves Brainstorming sessions to better enhance current inaccurate and flawed processes.

Plan document control each element with the metaTree or knowledge tree can be set with the correct degree of permissions. Permissions management will allow certain information to be safe guarded and protected from unauthorized access.

Map Workflows document collaborate requires the interaction of users and groups of users. Various co-workers will action and perform pre-defined tasks to certain documents. Simple workflows like reviewing and approving of documents may be implemented. Current work practices and business processes are mapped and documented. This allows the Document Specialists to identify possible bottlenecks in the processing of documents. Such information is passed on to management to make improvements or change the responsibilities of co-workers to better manage the flow of documents.

Document Policies for each document type, information management policies may be implemented to better control the digital assets. Making sure hard copies reflect the soft copy document repository, auditing, retention and other key information and control according to the organizations institutional and legal requirements

Most companies do a better job of securing their office supplies than they do with their business-critical information!
Organize all documents and content into a centralized document repository. No-one has to rely on other staff to have access to documents and information. Search and locate documents across the document repository with POWERFUL search engines, instantly giving you access to applicable document. Become more responsive to customer queries and improve customer relationships.
Your Business
Electronic documents that are the very lifeblood of the modern business are often taken for granted!