Digibility Provides a solution that will:
  • Streamline your business processes and lower your stress level
  • Allow you to easily share information in your office
  • Make you more responsive to your customers
  • Transform your content into a valuable, instantly-retrievable resource
  • Eliminate duplication of information
  • Assure fast reaction to queries, audits and other legal actions
  • Empower employees to become more productive
  • Facilitate the ability to comply with the Access to information ACT
  • Enable employee collaboration
  • Safeguard your documents and content

Features at a Glance:
  • Ease of Use
  • Quick access to all permitted content
  • Powerful Searching on Document META and Attachments
  • Digibility graphically represents the organizations cabinets, drawers and folders storage structure
  • Check-In /Check Out Control
  • Version Control
  • Audit Trails
  • Emailing of Content from Digibility
  • Container Content Profiling
  • User Maintained and managed Workspace
  • User managed document self service
  • Native format viewing
  • Support all electronic media
  • Easy to manage and administrate
  • No HTML or other conversions needed
  • Integrated into Windows™ via Drag and Drop functionality
  • Collaboration via powerful Workflow Integration
  • Document and Container Security Control
  • Open Source database support (MySQL)
  • Easy recovery of deleted documents in Digibility System recycle bin
  • Improve and enhance your organizations Business process
Most companies do a better job of securing their office supplies than they do with their business-critical information!
Organize all documents and content into a centralized document repository. No-one has to rely on other staff to have access to documents and information. Search and locate documents across the document repository with POWERFUL search engines, instantly giving you access to applicable document. Become more responsive to customer queries and improve customer relationships.
Your Business
Electronic documents that are the very lifeblood of the modern business are often taken for granted!